Isn’t this the best Philippine movie ever made in the history of Philippine movies?! This movie is proof that the 90s was the best decade ever. And that 90s kids are also the coolest. Haha!

Guys, this is Magic Temple. 3 kids fighting evil? And Sifu was their master who turned into a Shaolin kid? Remember?? The walking house and the samad nga nabalhin sa dahon sa saging and the Buto Kalansay Song?! This was just epic. Way beyond its time. And here’s a bit from WikiPilipinas: “The names of the three main characters has national symbolism in it. Jubal is an Igorot, a tribe from Luzon; Sambag is a Visayan word from the Visayas and Omar is a name found among the Moslem tribes of Mindanao. The names, therefore, accounts for the Philippines major islands.

Cool right? No movie ever made, even with all the CG effects in the world can compare to this. :)

And I’ll love it forever.


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